1st Bethlehem Marathon Brings Greater Awareness

Bethlehem’s first annual Marathon was barely making the news in the days after the tragic Boston Marathon bombings. Much like the news of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s death was overshadowed by the death of Princess Diana, in 1997, news of the peaceful and successful marathon didn’t see the light of day for too long. Nevertheless, it accomplished its goal. Here is one video by CNN that recounts the journey of a Danish runner, among others, who had run in Boston and was running in Bethlehem nine days later. Click here for CNN video.

Another video, this one from PRI’s, The World, is a radio story about the first Bethlehem marathon. Matthew Bell, who reported the story, wrote “One fact that organizers wanted to highlight was the marathon route itself.” He said, “…runners had to do the same loop twice to complete a full 26 miles.” Part of the route ran along the Wall of Separation to raise awareness of The Wall and how it is affecting Palestinians, and in our interest, especially Palestinian Christians. Bell reports, “Before heading to the starting line, participants observed a moment of silence for the victims in Boston. One runner stood out in his bright green Boston Celtics basketball jersey.” Click here for PRI video.