A Belgian link to the Holy Land

(Christian Media Center) A bond that has linked these two countries for centuries. A prize won a year ago, and a plaque inaugurated last Sunday. These are some of the milestones of the time line linking Belgium to the Holy Land.

The last step was carried out on May 8, 2016, at St. Catherine’s Church in Bethlehem: a special award plaque highlighted the 2015 victory of the Belgian Heritage abroad. To win the award given by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the King Baudouin Foundation was the glass contained in the central apse of the basilica, located under the choir.

Vicar of the Custody of the Holy Land

“This is a significant event that emphasizes the presence of the artistic-historic heritage of Belgian collaboration with the Holy Land. Certainly the Holy Land needs these traditional allies such as the Catholic nations to be able to continue the mission here and work to convey the message to the whole world. ”

The purpose of the prize is not just to enhance the conservation initiatives of the Belgian Heritage outside the country, but also to be an indirect incentive for a better artistic as well as long-term preservation.
There is an event in which thousands of people are able to admire the stained-glass window: Christmas Eve, the point zero on the timeline, that every year restarts the count.