American Children Embrace Children in the Holy Land

Children across the United States have become aware of the plight of the Christian  children in the Holy Land. Once aware of children their own age, with many things in common, including the Catholic faith, young children are inspired to do something to help their brothers and sisters.

Elementary students from St. Saviour School in Brooklyn, NY heard about the Christians in the Holy Land from their teacher, Rose Santangela, who heard Fr. Peter Vasko speak on EWTN. The children have a group called “Kids Helping Kids.” This group decided to sell Lollipops for the Holy Land during their lunch period at school. They successfully raised $480 for their brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

Meanwhile, this summer the Vacation Bible School at St. Monica in Indianapolis, IN embarked on a journey through the birth and growth of the Early Church. The children discovered the conversion, commission and mission of the apostles. They also learned about the modern day mission of the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land.

A missionary from the Regional FFHL office made a presentation to the children to teach them about the life of Christians living in the Holy Land today, including those at the Franciscan Boys Home in Bethlehem. The VBS children and their families learned about theextent of the Christian exodus from the birthplace of our faith and became aware of the mission of FFHL. They were called to continue the work of the apostles by partnering with the FFHL in support of their brothers and sisters in Christ living in the Holy Land.

The children made letters (in Arabic) offering prayers and encouragement for the children at the Boys Home. The families donated $665.00 to FFHL, some of which was earned by the children through extra chores. They also made a banner which will be presented to the Boys Home by their pastor, Fr. Todd Goodson, during his pilgrimage to the Holy land in April 2013. The banner is comprised of a vine and branches, symbolizing our Christian unity.