Calls for peace in Jerusalem

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(FMC) The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Fouad Twal, concerned about the rapidly deteriorating situation in Jerusalem, is putting out a call for a return to tranquility and for people to look for effective solutions to preserve the sanctity of a city is that holy “three times over.” 

According to Twal, “This city, a symbol of peace for millions of believers around the world, is becoming a dangerous place, between the flames and the hatred. For this reason, more than anywhere else, peace should be restored and so should security for residents and pilgrims. The Patriarch concluded his message with an “invitation for all those who love Jerusalem to intervene with prayer, so that this city may regain its vocation as a holy city of peace and non-violence.”

On Wednesday, November 5, the group Kids for Peace Jerusalem, an interfaith youth association that works to bring hope to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, promoted a peaceful demonstration in Jerusalem. The meeting took place right at the entrance to a retail center near the Old City. Kids for Peace, founded in 2002, today gathers 400 families and actively involves them in its own activities. It also engages also 250 children aged 11 years and older.