Catholic Church property illegally demolished by Israel without warning

( The US Bishops must have some set of lungs- and for that we’re grateful.  They are never short of something to speak up on and we’re fully behind them this week as they protest Israel’s illegal demolitions of Church property.  Check out these photos!

And if it can happen to the Patriarch of Jerusalem it can happen to the Custody of the Holy Land as well. It is very important that Americans stand up against injustices such as these, especially Christian Americans. How would you feel as a Christian Arab if this happened to you?  How would you feel if the United States government started destroying your property and your Church’s property with no warning?  Because that’s exactly what happened.

Peace yet firm dialogue is a necessity.  So is public awareness.  Did you know this is going on?  What are you going to do to support the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land?  Somebody is going to have to rebuild that property.  (Click here to read more about our housing renovation projects and subsidized housing apartments.)