Celebrating Peter

(Christian Media Center) Lake Tiberias, also called the Sea of Galilee or Lake of Gennesaret, has an extension of 20 km and is located 213 meters below the Mediterranean Sea level. Jesus walked on these waters and calmed the storm. He practiced good part of his ministry near this lake.

Jesus appeared to his disciples, risen, also near this lake.
On May 13, to remember this event, the Franciscan community of the Holy Land headed toward the banks of the lake for a liturgical celebration at the Church of the Primacy of Peter.

The Gospel tells about the time when Jesus was walking along the shore of the Sea of Galilee and met His disciples, who had worked all night without results.

In his homily, the Vicar of the Custody recalled how the disciples had difficulty recognizing Jesus, until they heard His voice.

Vicar of the Custody of the Holy Land

“It was especially when they obeyed His advice to cast their nets on the left side of the boat, that they recognized Him. John said: And this is also a message for us. We can have great difficulty in recognizing the presence of the Lord in our lives, especially in the sufferings and hardships, however, the Lord makes himself known, if we listen to His voice. We must obey His Word in faith, in order to feel His presence and to truly recognize Him.”

The religious of the Holy Land and the local Arab Christians also participated in the celebration.


Christian Woman – Nazareth

“I have been participating in this festival for three years. The Mass near the Sea of Galilee is very beautiful, it is Jesus meeting Peter, the disciple to whom Jesus said: .”

One of the most beautiful landscapes of the Holy Land was even more enriched by the voices and the prayers that filled this place.

After communion, everyone present proceeded to the small Church of the Primacy of Peter. At the stone where according to tradition Jesus ate with his disciples, they remembered the dialogue between Jesus and Peter.

After having asked for the third time, Jesus entrusted Peter the mission of taking care of his sheep. Jesus’ words to His disciples today echo throughout history, down to us: .”