Digital Media Plays A Primary Role In The New Evangelization

There is no question that digital media plays a primary role in the New Evangelization. From papal statements to practical, outreach experiences we are learning that a new generation must be reached in a new way. Videos are an important facet of the new approach to invite people to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to see for themselves not only the sacred sites but also the conditions of those who live there. Our recent video,Legacy, has been seen by 93,262 people as of this writing. This method of “getting the news out” is too successful to ignore. The Franciscans are taking digital media seriously.

Under the Custodia Terrae Sanctae website, one can see a number of different videos. The following well-done video was created to help viewers understand why a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is so critical. By giving a short history of the meaning of pilgrimage, as well as showing footage of recent popes who have made pilgrimages to the Holy Land, the Custody demonstrates that it is in fact an act of faith that deepens ones understanding of the Universal Church. You can watch that video here.

Another place to watch and share videos on/about the Holy Land is from the Franciscan Media Center. An outreach of Terra Santa, the FMC provides many different videos under sections that make it easy for the viewer to find what they are looking for. Not only that but there is also a photo gallery, something else that the FFHL has begun

So, one day when you’re waiting in the airport, at home with a cup of coffee or just have time to browse, you are guaranteed hours-worth of quality videos and photos from any of these sites.

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