Special Families Appeal


“But the most beautiful thing God made was the family. He created man and woman. And he gave them everything. He entrusted the world to them: “Grow, multiply, cultivate the earth, make it bear fruit, let it grow.” All the love he put into that marvelous creation, he entrusted to a family.”

–Pope Francis


Whether working, praying or playing together, families have a very special place in society.

Today, Christians in the Holy Land are facing a crisis. Aside from the Christian exodus, family life is being threatened. Many Christian families are facing both a physical and spiritual poverty.

The Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land is dedicated to help these Christian families face adversity and grow together in faith. Parents are vital for the health and spiritual life of their children. The FFHL recognizes it is difficult for parents to be home and present to their children if they are working multiple jobs to pay rent or to provide nourishing food for their families.

It is with programs such as job placements, housing renovations projects, university scholarships, Children without Borders, the Franciscan Boys Home that the FFHL hopes to see families thrive and continue to be a vital part of the society in the Holy Land.

This family crisis is real and growing in the Holy Land. We ask you to consider supporting the FFHL in its efforts to help provide empowering opportunities for these Christian families

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