High ranking priests meet in Tiberias

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(terrasanctablog.org) Catholic Ordinaries meet in Tiberias: Meetings of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries continued, the setting for the last of the March plenary metings was the Franciscan retreat house in Tiberias, on the Sea of ​​Galilee. 

This gathering takes place at the beginning of Lent, with many masses available nearby with themes chosen by the prelates of the Holy Land. The issues within the diocese, the preparation for the Synod on the family and last but not least Pope Francis’ visit. 

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem 
“The Holy Father’s visit means a lot to us. We know that the whole world will have its eyes on us, on our reactions, our speeches, and we feel, I do not want to say the weight, but the great responsibility, that we have in front of the whole world, in front of the Universal Church.”

As always, an important topic at the meeting of the bishops were the issues of the dioceses of the entire Land of God, starting from the smallest and most precious communities that inhabit it, the families. The outcome of their intensive work, the fruit of these months in which everyone had to answer specific questions about the challenges for the coming years…

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem 
“The synod will put together a book of these responses called Strumentum Laboris. They will send this tool to us and based on it, we will begin the Synod in Rome with the Holy Father for two weeks.”

“During the Mass celebrated in Magdala, the new welcome center for pilgrims, the bishops prayed and offered up all the uncertainties and challenges of the next, intense period. At the top of the list, was Pope Francis’ visit, which will not only be the commemoration of an anniversary but the Successor of Peter’s embrace to all the heirs of the first apostles. And Monsignor Laham, Bishop of Amman does not hide his personal desire and respect for the Holy Father’s visit in front of the cameras.”

Bishop of Amman
“I would like to see him smile and hug all of the children that are put in front of him. I’d like for him to spend more time with the people, going around in his car to greet them.”