FFHL-Sponsored Magnificat Institute holds seasonal concert on Mount of Olives

Br. DAVID GRENIER, ofm, Director, Magnificat Institute
“During the last six years, the Mormons have happily hosted this concert, in which children and students of the Magnificat participate; to encourage them and give them an incentive to improve. It really is a great opportunity for the students of this institution, who are motivated to keep coming. It is also an occasion of celebration and commitment.”

Facing the beautiful view of the Holy City, the students played various instruments beautifully, showing the audience the richness and uniqueness of the school of music that unites Israelis and Palestinians, Muslims, Christians and Jews.

“The Magnificat Institute offers several musical courses, including violin, piano , and children and adult choirs.
It was a wonderful evening: it was truly magnificent!”

“Al-Yasameen” Choir Director – Magnificat Institute
“The reason why we choose this place is that every year we organize a concert, due to an agreement between the Magnificat and the Mormon University: they invite us to perform in concert, so we choose the best students and choirs of the Magnificat. During the year, we sing in different places and we also prepare the midnight mass in the Church of the Nativity , with the chorus of ‘Jasmine’, the one who sang today, together with that of the Custody of the Holy Land.”

The girls of the Jasmine Choir concluded the musical evening with great success and emotion.