Holy Land Honors Mary

(Christian Media Center) In the Holy Land, the Marian devotion is intense and takes different names: Our Lady Queen of Palestine, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Mary of Nazareth or Our Lady Woman of Valor. These names for the Mother of God are either of biblical origin or belong to the folk tradition.
The names by which we turn to the Mother of Jesus recall episodes of the Gospel or the intervention of Mary in key historical moments.

Father Frederic Manns, Doctor of Sacred Scripture at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, has written several books on this topic: he explained how the life of the Mother of Jesus can be understood through three sources: the Old Testament, the apocryphal Judeo-Christian Gospels and the Jewish world.

Studium Biblicum Franciscanum
“The parents of Mary, Joachim and Anna, were sterile and therefore were humiliated by their relatives and by everyone else. However, when the angel appeared to them in the desert, he said to Joachim: ”

According to an apocryphal gospel, the birthplace of Mary is where the Church of St. Anne sits today, in the Old City of Jerusalem, near the ancient Pool of Bethesda, where the healing of the paralytic took place, in Jesus’ times. Her father, Joachim, was a priest of the temple…..the family lived probably there during Mary’s entire childhood.

There are no precise records of this event, but it is said that, when Mary was about 12 years old, she and her parents moved to Nazareth, the Jewish city where “the Word became flesh.”

Studium Biblicum Franciscanum
“Mary, like all Jewish women, used to say this blessing every morning: .
And when the angel later appeared to her and asked her to do God’s will, again she repeated, ”

Mary of Nazareth was the one who said “yes” and agreed to procreate the Son of God in her womb. This mission was a bearer of grace, but it did not lack difficulties. Just like many women today, Mary became a refugee to save her son from death.

Studium Biblicum Franciscanum
“Mary experienced the immigrants’ same fate. Today there are many refugees. An angel appeared to Joseph and told him: ”

Mary, Woman of Valor. This is the name given to Mary by the Catholic Hebrew-speaking community at the Pastoral Center of Tel Aviv, which helps migrants to have a more dignified life.


Coordinator Migrant Pastoral – Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

”At the end of the book of Proverbs, there is a wonderful passage on the vocation of women describing the character of Our Lady. But it does not only describe her! Many of our parishioners are strong women: they have left their families, they have given up everything to come here and work hard to support their loved ones. So we thought the Mother of God could be our inspiration: Our Lady Woman of Valor. And this is how this celebration started. ”

Among the revered names of Mary in the Holy Land, there is also ‘Our Lady Queen of Palestine’, whose sanctuary was built to pray for peace.


Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar for Jerusalem and Palestine
“Our Lady of Palestine is the same Virgin Mary of the Holy Land, who intercedes for everyone: for the Jews, for Muslims and Christians so that we can have peace and reconciliation.”

“Lady of the Battle”. Mary also made history on Mount Carmel in Haifa, interceding for peace during the First World War.

All this proves that, even discreetly, Mary left her mark on this land, which is holy. Mary warms the hearts of these people, only like a Mother does.