Holy Land youth prepare for the Jubilee Year of Mercy

(CMC) They came from various cities in the north of the Holy Land, on the Saturday that preceded the feast of Christ the King. Gathered in the College of the Franciscan Custody in Nazareth, they spent a day of formation and spirituality.

“Our meeting today was very important in order to validate our presence here, as Christians in the Holy Land; it was important to prove our identity, and to demonstrate the purpose of the Bible and the Christian message released on earth.”

This is the second edition of this meeting, sponsored by the Latin Patriarchate in Nazareth.

Coord. Youth Ministry for the north of the Holy Land
“These young people came to meet in the first place, and to give thanks to the Lord. They also gathered here to discuss about their problems, but mainly to explore the mercy of God. How beautiful it is that today’s young people are able to forgive and accept others!”

The program included conferences, debates, theater performances and the celebration of the Eucharist, presided by the Vicar of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem for Israel, Mons. Giacinto Marcuzzo.

The meeting was a youth preparation for the Jubilee Year of Mercy, which is about to start.
This was one of the leading topics in Father Osama’s conference.

Parish Vicar of Nazareth
“Everyone needs to listen more and to get to know and experience the beauty of mercy to be able to practice it. If we begin to speak to the young people about mercy, we are confident that, when they grow up, they will have already internalized this knowledge, this feeling of mercy.”

“God is mercy and love, even when we commit sins or mistakes; God will always love us. He gives us His heart and loves us more, so we learn His mercy from Him, and learn how to treat our brothers: with love and mercy.”

In a land surrounded by conflicts between peoples, frequently fueled by revenge, this topic is a necessary challenge.

Parish Vicar of Nazareth
“There is so much violence and hate, but our Christianity and our Jesus teach us that if we respond to violence with violence, to hate with hate, they will never end. So this is definitely a challenge. However, with the help of God and the power of Jesus Christ we will be ready to defend ourselves without the use of hate or violence “

Despite their young age, this group shows they have learned the lesson of the day, and now they are ready to teach this lesson, with the innate joy of youth.

Jaffa, Nazareth
“Mercy is very important.  The starting point of mercy is the existence of God in our lives, which is also the basis of love and acceptance of others.”