Holy See-Israel land talks

After 15 years, it looks like they’re almost finished.  Holy See talks with Israel have been progressing over the last 15 years to a point where participants think they are nearly done, talking.

According to TerraSanta.net, the next plenary meeting is to take place in December.  Hopes are that the meeting will close out the talks that have focused on two particular issues, both land-related.  

“Vatican requests to build two new centres in Israel: a church in a section of archaeological interest in the Caesaria National Park, and at the Cenacle on Mount Zion.

Vatican Insider reported that agreements were made for the Church to build on and administer both sites under certain conditions, although this has not been confirmed by either the Holy See or the Israeli government.”

We hope and pray they will or have talked about the issue of The Wall passing through the Cremisan Valley as well and how it negatively affects the Palestinian Christians living there. (To read more on Cremisan Valley, click here.)