Hopes Magadala will open to pilgrims end Year of Faith

What you see to the left is one part of the Magdala Center project that the Legionaries of Christ hope to have open, or at least partially open, to pilgrims by the end of the Year of Faith. The project has taken longer than expected for expected reasons.  Artifacts.

Unlike cities trying to quickly build subways or sewage tunnels, the clergy and their associates in Magdala are overjoyed at the finds.  

Already an archeological site on land owned by the Franciscans, this newly developing area is meant to be a spiritual center, pilgrimage destination, hospitality site and more.  And the “more” is being found as more ground is moved to make way for the infrastructure; infrastructure that has had to be redesigned more than once because of these important archeological finds.

How old are the ruins?  First century.  How do they know.  A coin found the in the newly discovered synagogue ruins was minted in Tiberias in 29 A.D.  Yep.  That is currently with Jesus’ time.  In fact, maybe even the year he died on the cross and rose on the third day.

Watch this video from terrasanctablog.org to learn more.