Israel destroyed this farmer’s trees but he refuses to hate

(Photos by Melanie Lidman)
An article from the NCR entitled, “Tent of Nations seeks to spread nonviolence in midst of Israeli-Palestinian conflict” was written by Melanie Lidman.  The article can be found on the NCR website or by following this link:

“The Bible says even in war, you’re not supposed to cut down trees,” said Daher, the harsh Middle Eastern sun beating down at midday as he pointed out the pile of dirt and stones at the bottom of the valley that used to be apricot trees and grape vines. “I mean, are trees a danger? No, they just give fruit.”

On May 19, at approximately 4 a.m., bulldozers arrived and destroyed the entire orchard. By the time Daher started working in the fields at 8 a.m. and realized what had happened, the trees were gone.
The stone at the entrance of the Nassar farm reads, “We refuse to be enemies.”
The destruction of the trees was another chapter in the heartbreaking and complex conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, the human price paid for…

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