Israel’s restrictions cost the Palestinian economy $3.4 billion annually, says World Bank

(Jerusalem Post) According to the World Bank, Israel’s restrictions cost the Palestinian economy $3.4 billion annually and lifting Israeli restrictions could boost the Palestinian economy by at least 35% or $3.4 billion annually.  That is contingent on Israel lifting its restrictions on Palestinian access and movement in Area C, the World Bank reported Tuesday morning. 
The Jerusalem Post reported that “‘Area C and the future of the Palestinian economy,’ noted that Israel had put those restrictions in place out of security concerns, but did not offer any alternative suggestions.  ‘The key to Palestinian prosperity continues to lie in the removal of these restrictions with due regard for Israeli security,’ the report said.”
The Post also noted that the report said, “The bulk of farmland in Area C belongs to Palestinians, 326,400 dunams, compared with 187,000 dunams that are attached to Israeli settlements, the report said.  But Palestinians lack the water necessary to irrigate the land and to maximize its use for agriculture production, the report said.”