Jewish population percentage decreasing in Israel, Arab increasing

( By 2035, if things continue at the current rate, things will look a little different in Israel, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. There will be less Jews in Israel, relative to the population, and those, older ones.  At the same time as the Jewish growth rate decreases from 1.8% to an estimated 1.4%,  the Arab population will decrease as well, but still outnumber the Jewish rate, 2.7% now to an estimated 1.8% in 2035.  

To put it simply
Jews now constitute 75% of the population.  In 2035, 73%.
Muslims now constitute 20.5% of the population.  In 2035, 23%.

No matter how we look at that, Christians will remain the minority and so our mission must continue indefinitely.  You help make that happen.  Visit to make a donation and/or to learn more.