Jewish surgeon helps paralyzed Palestinian girl breathe easier: Another nugget of good news from Holy Land

(CNS)  As I did last week, I’d like to report another good-news story coming to us from the Holy Land.  It shows a rarely reported occurrence of Israeli’s and Palestinian’s cooperating for the good of a single human being.  Christie L. Chicoine reports,

Paralyzed for half her life, 13-year-old Maria, a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, recently underwent a procedure to regain the ability to breathe on her own, thanks to the kindness and skill of a Jewish surgeon on the staff at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Suffern, N.Y.


Maria was paralyzed when a missile struck her Gaza home, killing her mother and two brothers. All she has left is her father.  “In the strike, then-6-year-old Maria sustained a C1 spinal cord injury, the most severe level of injury. Soon after, she was connected to a respirator. Early on, she also had undergone a tracheostomy.”