July 23, 2014 FAA continues ban on US flights to Tel Aviv

The Federal Aviation Administration says it will continue its ban on U.S. airline flights to Tel Aviv while assessing the danger of rocket attacks.
The agency said Wednesday it is working closely with the Israeli government to review new information they have provided and to determine whether safety concerns have been resolved.
FAA instituted the flight prohibition on Tuesday in response to a rocket strike that landed about a mile from the airport.
The directive applies only to U.S. operators, and has no authority over foreign airlines operating to or from the airport.
Meanwhile, 20 Hoosiers from southeastern Indiana were on the second to last flight to arrive in Tel Aviv before the FAA banned American planes from landing there. They are on a pilgrimage of biblical sites led by Father Jonathon Meyer.
While at the Sea of Galilee, he said the group has felt safe so far.
“Except for what I’m hearing on the news, you would have no idea that anything is going on internationally or with security-wise,” Fr. Meyer said during a phone interview with Eyewitness News. “People are walking on the streets….We were on the beach last night and people were running and jogging and exercising….We hung out at a lounge earlier today and people were just– people were on vacation. They’re here swimming in the Sea of Galilee. You would have no idea that anything is going on.”
The group plans to continue on to Jerusalem before departing on US Air next Thursday. So far, they have not been advised to change their itinerary but said they will remain flexible.
The Associated Press contributed to portions of this article.