Magnificat Institute Sings a Joyful Tune

Learn more about the Magnificat Institute and the recent show that filled the Auditorium of the Custody of the Holy Land in Jerusalem.

Two children’s choirs joined to sing twelve new songs that are part of the Arab and Palestinian tradition. The Magnificat Institute promoted the twelfth edition of the show.


Director of the Magnificat Institute – Jerusalem

“Today’s event is called “Magic Lamp”. It is a project that started 12 years ago because we realized that there were no Palestinians songs composed for children here. So every year we produce a booklet of 12-13 songs that we send to all the schools in Palestine but also in Jordan and Lebanon.

We perceive this event as a time of joy for those who find themselves ..Singing always brings people together in the joy of youth.”

The FFHL supports the Magnificat Institute with a Magnificat Music Scholarship Program. Learn more about the scholarship program and how you can help create a joyful tune for young musicians in the Holy Land. Learn more today!