Mercy in the Family

In Galilee, a meeting brought together several couples to discuss mercy within the family. The event was sponsored by the Regional Commission for the families of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land, made up of members of the Latin, the Maronite and the Melkite Churches.

The meeting was held in the place where Jesus delivered the speech of the Beatitudes. There, Jesus spoke of mercy in terms of a path to happiness. The theme of the day, dedicated to the family, was introduced by the Parish Priest of the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

Annunciation Parish – Nazareth

“The message of this meeting is to return to God. He is the only answer in our lives. As we encounter Him, we discover His significance in our existence. In Him, we find the words of eternal life and thus learn how to live and how to change the world around us, without fear or anguish, because God is with us. ”

Divided into groups, the couples shared their life experiences related to the topic suggested – how to exercise mercy at home – and shared their own conclusions with the other participants.


“These meetings are very beneficial. Our faith has been superficial for some time. Today, however, by participating in the Church activities, we feel we are are getting closer to God, we believe He exists and we profoundly trust in Him and in His Divine Mercy.”


“I am very happy because I am learning about things I did not know before and I am also getting very involved in all these new experiences. This is truly beautiful. ”

On the Mount of Beatitudes, the words of Christ still seem to resound: . This virtue brings out the beauty in the relations between members of the family, beyond all the inevitable differences.