Muslims, Christians march together in Amman in show of coexistence

( Exemplifying the spirit of coexistence at a time when other countries in the region are swept by sectarian strife, Jordanian Muslims and Christians walked hand-in-hand in a march on Saturday evening, August 23, to denounce the violence in Gaza, Iraq and the entire region.

Starting from Abdali, where the King Abdullah I Mosque stands next to the Coptic Orthodox Church, the participants walked to Jabal Luweibdeh as the Muslim call for prayer and church bells were heard at the same time to show the unity of Jordanians.

The demonstrators held banners that read: “Muslims and Christians are together.”

Addressing participants, Jordan Interfaith Coexistence Research Centre (JICRC) Co-founder Sheikh Hamdi Murad said the Kingdom is a model of coexistence.

“This event sent a message to those who practise violence in the name of religion, which has nothing to do with it. Islam and Christianity call for compassion and peace,” he told The Jordan Times.

The march was organised by the JICRC, in cooperation with Noursat channel and the International Moderation Forum.