Nadya’s Story: Christian Entrepreneur Celebrates Palestine Through Jewelry

Meet Nadya Hazboun, a Christian fashion designer who has returned to her hometown of Bethlehem to share her love of Palestine through beautiful artistic creations. Nadya’s was one of over 130 booths at the recent Palestinian Women’s Bazaar, an event organized by the American Consulate in Jerusalem, which involved craftswomen and artists from the holy city, as well as from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

“2012 was the beginning of my career, when I was invited to attend the Fashion Week in Amman, Jordan,” Nadia shared. “This was a big step for me, the first important fashion show. Through my work, I wanted to bring out my origins, so I thought of purely Bethlehemite symbols, one of which is the olive tree. Therefore, I decided to prepare a set of accessories to be worn by the models during the parades.”

The cultivation of olive wood in these lands is a centuries-old tradition. Resistant, but also ductile for different types of use, olive wood has a particular grain that characterizes it, giving a particular charm to every single piece.

Having started her career as a fashion designer abroad, Nadya decided to return to her homeland to create jewelry and accessories made with olive wood. “I decided to go back to work in my country, but I continue to promote my products abroad, because, unfortunately, our domestic market is still limited. I hope that, as time passes, my job will only depend on the local market.”

“I usually prepare a sketch of the idea I have in mind, then, with the help of a calligraphist, I give it its final form and design. Then we finalize and print it. Finally, we do the cutting work manually, so we can get the final product. ”

Buying products from entrepreneurs like Nadya not only supports the work of the entrepreneurs, but also the local craftsmen who make each individual piece, as well as supporting the tradition and  history of these Christian Palestinians. To view and purchase  Nadya’s work, visit her online store here.


>>Story courtesy of the Christian Media Center