New Melody to Ring Out in Calvary

On October 21 a large crowd gathered around the altar of the Crucifixion on Mount Calvary for the Mass of blessing of the new organ at Calvary. The instrument, which was built by the Rieger Company and was donated by the Commissariat of the Holy Land in Vienna, was placed behind behind the congregation, opposite the altar, and was played during the celebration by Fr. Martin Anderl Ocist. It is the second organ to be inaugurated this year, after the one in Gethsemani, besides those that were renewed in recent years at the churches of Saint Savior in Jerusalem, in Nazareth and at the Holy Sepulcher—all through the support of the Commissariat of the Holy Land in Vienna.

“We are gathered here for the blessing of the new organ, which will make the celebration of divine liturgy more joyful and solemn,” said the Custos of the Holy Land, Fr. Francesco Patton, in his opening remarks. The sound if the organ in a celebratory environment provides a beautiful accompaniment to the the unanimous singing of the faithful, an expression of that new song that will truly be just that, if the sanctity of life is united to the harmony of the instruments and the voices.” Fr. Francesco Patton then said a special prayer, “Bless all of the performers and singers of your praise, and this musical instrument, so that accompanied by its harmonious chords, we may attach ourselves to the heavenly liturgy.”

The celebration of the readings were read in German, because the organ was donated by the Commissariat of the Holy Land in Vienna and because of the presence of German speakers. The altar of the Crucifixion at Calvary was filled with faithful from all over the world, as per usual. The particularity of celebrating mass inside the Holy Sepulcher is being in close contact with different spiritualities that come together in the same place, in the heart of Christendom.

The organ that had just been blessed accompanied all of the songs of the liturgy. During the homily, the Custos of the Holy Land referred to it as a metaphor of reconciliation: it has many different parts which the organist knows how to play to create a unique melody. “May the Lord allow us to experience the concert of His mercy and may he be able to give each one of us the opportunity to become part of this concert, with all of our differences in order to get back to form a single type of harmony,” said Fr. Patton. Even the special location for the celebration of the mass was brought up in the homily: “May the harmony of the redemption penetrate into our hearts and lead us to the gift that the Father has given us in this place by offering His beloved son for our salvation. May the harmony of redemption transform our hearts through the Holy Spirit.”

For the more information, visit the Custody of the Holy Land’s website.