One friar got a big surprise this past weekend

(ATS) It takes a lot to surprise Franciscan friars in the Holy Land.  They’ve seen it all.  But one friar got a big surprise this past weekend.

Little Lucia’s gesture was incredibly endearing. At just 4 years old, during a pilgrimage in the Holy Land with her family, Lucia approached a friar and passed him an envelope. Inside were her savings, the coins collected from her parents and relatives.  

What was she doing, handing the friar the envelope of money?

“I want to help the poor children in Jerusalem,” Lucia said, “This is for them.” The Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land thanks those, like Lucia, who, through a gesture of love and solidarity, allow the Franciscan friars in these Holy Places to continue to stay close to the poor, the young and the weakest in society, who, as our Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land, are in need of our help.