Palestine appeals to Vatican and UN to protect Holy Sites

(abouna) “The Palestinian Foreign Affairs Ministry appeals to the Vatican and to the international community to protect the Christian and Muslim Holy sites, and condemns the act carried out by extremist settlers who set part of the Normtsiaun Church in Jerusalem on fire and wrote offensive slogans against Christianity and the figure of Jesus Christ.”
This was the statement released by the Palestinian Embassy in Rome, following the attacks a few days ago on a Greek-Orthodox Seminary in Jerusalem and on the Al-Huda a Jabaaa Mosque in Bethlehem.
“The Ministry laments these continuous aggression that is carried out under the eyes of the Israeli government, with the presence of their occupation forces, which guarantee the protection of extremist settlers. They are very grave aggression and provocations against places of worship, which we consider official encouragements to violence and extremism, and declarations of war on Jerusalem and its citizens,” reads the press release.
According to Palestine’s Embassy, “the Israeli government is totally responsible for these crimes.” Therefore, it appeals “to the Holy See, to the international community, to the United Nations and its institutions, to Members of the Security Council, not to limit themselves to condemnations and not to apply the policy of two weights and two measures in the region and to assume their own responsibilities to put an end to settlers’ aggressions against our people and, in particular, East Jerusalem.”