Part 2: Where are my donations going?

(Terra Sancta News) The Magnificat Institute, a “school of peace” is foremost a school of music.  Students and teachers alike work hard throughout the year to gain a deeper knowledge and performance of music. The students come from all backgrounds and are Christian, Jewish and Muslim.  The bonds formed here through music, hard work and learning will be invaluable for achieving peace in the future.  

Anyway, the point of this blog post is to let you know that the Magnificat Institute held its third annual concert!  The music festival and concert series, names MOM (Magnificat Open Music) consisted of “five concerts with 83 performers, both students and teachers, as well as the choirs and orchestras, playing 98 pieces of music. This year’s festival sees the addition of the orchestra and chamber ensembles, as well as an increase in the number of organ students (an instrument that is very important to the liturgy in the Holy Land) and the choirs that sing at the major liturgical celebrations for the Latin community in the Holy Land.”  This from our partners at Custodia Terrae Sanctae.  

Just so you know… academic director Hania Sabbara, in a featured article about the Institute in May of 2013, says,

“The Institute depends heavily on donations to cover costs. Students are charged only 25 percent of the total cost for their instruction, Sabbara says, adding that the Custody of the Holy Land through the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land provides the balance. She pointed out that a $2,500 donation to the Foundation or to the Friends of the Magnificat Assn. will provide a year-long scholarship for a student. The school also welcomes donations of used musical instruments.”

You can actually watch highlights of the concerts by clicking here.  I encourage you to do so so that you can see yet another way in which the Franciscans at the Custodia are putting your donations to good use.