Patriarchs and leaders of Christian religious communities from Baghdad to Jerusalem say no to American attack of Syria

(VaticanInsider)  Christian leaders in the Middle East unanimously hold that an attack on Syria by the West for the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would only exacerbate problems and lead to more violence and suffering for people of that region.

In an article by Giorgio Bernadell, Syro-Catholic Patriarch Youssef III Younan said, “The West thinks that with a Sunni government democracy will replace the dictatorship but this is just a big illusion: imposing a regime change by force, without safeguarding secular parties, will lead to a worse conflict than the one in Iraq.”  The author goes on to say, “The Custodian of the Holy Land in Jerusalem, Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, also expressed his own deep concerns in an interview with the Franciscan Media Center. He said the images coming from Syria are atrocious and speak for themselves. But knowing the Middle East, it is hard to know who does what. The international political community needs to press for immediate solutions. When violence in used, everyone is to blame, he said.”