Pope Francis on New Evangelization

(Vatican Insider) Addressing participants in the Plenary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelisation today, “the Pope urged Christians to use the language of mercy and engage in dialogue with those who think differently, have a different faith, or have no faith at all,” says writer Andrea Tornielli.

His message is one consistent with his actions.  More than catechesis and “bible thumping”, more than volunteerism, Pope Francis seems to be saying that the real key to the New Evangelization is mercy in all things and going out to others in peacecful dialogue, not a “hunkering down”, steeping oneself in the actionless doctrine.

He said, “There is a need for Christians who help show God’s mercy and tenderness towards every creature. We all know that today’s humanity is facing a deep crisis. This is why the new evangelisation must necessarily use the language of mercy, which is more about gestures and attitudes than words. At the same time, it calls on faithful to have the courage to go against the tide and convert from idolatry to the one and true God.”

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