Putin pushes to protect Christians

(Terrrasanta.net)  One wouldn’t believe that the Communist Russia of the 1980’s is now the Russia that is urging for the protection of Christians in the Holy Land.  But it’s true.

Political reasons rather than theological ones are the impetus but the result is the same.  President Putin has and is doing what he can to encourage those in the Middle East to protect the safety of Christians from radicalism and to enable Christians to meet their own needs. 

Our partners at Terrasanta report,

“In the closed door meeting he said he brought with him a number of messages, the most important of which was Russia’s decision to effectively act as the protector of Christians in the Levant and as their defender and legal representative – perhaps the only real one they have on an international level.”

Terrasanta also reports,

“Last week, in his first telephone conversation with President Assad in two years, Putin urged the Syrian leader to do all he could to alleviate the suffering of civilians and voiced concern over the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities by extremists in the country.”

Why?  Many see Christians as a key factor in maintaining regional stability. And they’re right.