FFHL Regional Support

Over the years, FFHL Regional Support Groups have been a vital part of fundraising and awareness for the work of FFHL in the Holy Land. These groups are formed by passionate Christian's who come together to form a committed Regional Group working in unity towards a common goal. They agree to host an annual or bi-annual dinner dedicated to fundraising and raising awareness of FFHL programs. The below region invites you to join them in support of their goals and the FFHL mission.

Preserving Christianity in the Holy Land


Indiana Region

Indiana Vision Statement: To build and maintain a vibrant Christian support base in the Indianapolis Region whose compassion creates perpetual spiritual and monetary support to FFHL.

Indiana Mission Statement: FFHL Indiana Region is a localized operating arm of FFHL whose mission it is to expand the knowledge of the importance of continued presence of the Palestinian Christian minorities living in the Holy Land.

Region Objective: Remain faithful to the Catholic Church and the mission of FFHL, while strengthening ties between the Indiana Catholic Community and the Family of Christ in the Holy Land. 

Become A Regional Director

Leave a Legacy and Support Christianity in the Birthplace of Christ

Become a leader in the Indiana Region. Learn how you can help FFHL in their mission to preserve Christianity in the Holy Land.


Regional Fundraising Dinner

All are welcome to attend. Please purchase tickets by the designated RSVP date to reserve your seats.

There are no dinners scheduled at this time. Please check back for updates at a later time.

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