Scola makes it clear – help stop the persecution

(CNA)  Cardinal Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan and founder of Oasis International Foundation, which promotes dialogue between Christians and Muslims, spoke to the reality of the sufferings of Christians in the Middle East.  According to an article by Estefania Aguirre of CNA, Cardinal Scola was speaking the the plight of Christians and encouraging other Christians from around the world to support them.  

“Above all, many Christians are being pushed to leave their countries, and it’s a very bad thing because Christianity was born in the Middle East,” said Cardinal Scola.  “That must provoke all world Christians – above all in Europe and in the United States – to be more assured in witnessing, and offering a real experience of love and support.”

There you have it.  

The FFHL was founded for that very reason.  Our mission:

Founded in 1994, the Franciscan Foundation For The Holy Land (FFHL) is a worldwide ecumenical organization, based in the USA, operating under the auspices of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land. The principal purpose of the FFHL is to help stem the Christian exodus from the Holy Land by providing programs and projects that will serve as incentives for the Christians to remain as well as safeguarding the basic human rights of the Christian Palestinian minority living in the Holy Land.

Support them by supporting us.