summer in the holy land

Summer in the Holy Land: Continuing to Support Christian Children

With students across the United States rejoicing for summer break, the Holy Land children have a much different reaction. Summer in the Holy Land means many boys and girls are forced to face the strife and conflict surrounding them, no longer protected by the safe educational environment that is the classroom.

Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land wanted to extend the principles of school into summer with the founding of our humanitarian programs. FFHL offers opportunities for children in the Holy Land to continue their personal and spiritual growth during the summer months. Our program Children Without Borders brings kids from different regions of the Holy Land together through the fun of soccer. This sports-based camp enables children from different backgrounds to find common interest and connections. The healthy competition builds the idea of peaceful interaction from a young age, and brightens the future of the area.

With Christian families continuing to face the consequences of being a minority religion in an unstable economic and political environment, FFHL strives to provide solitude in a time of distress. Children Without Borders and other adolescent-focused FFHL programs, like our Christian Family Centers, would not be possible without the support of our generous donors. 

At this time we ask you to consider a gift, to make a true difference in the life of a Holy Land child. We are grateful as always, for your contributions in helping us preserve the Living Stones.

Acting under the charge of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, FFHL has focused efforts on educational and humanitarian programs. We know that if we can provide the same opportunities and quality of life sought elsewhere, Christians will be able to stay and grow in the Holy Land. With these incentives and safeguards, Christians can plant strong roots and build the foundation for their families to live a Christ-centered life in the place Jesus called home.