Special Appeal for Syria

“Especially in these days, may [God] sustain the efforts of all those actively engaged in bringing comfort and relief to the civil population in Syria, prey to a war that continues to sow horror and death.” - Pope Francis

While much of the fighting has ceased throughout Syria, the people of this war-torn country bear wounds that may never heal. Many were forced from their homes, left with no choice but to seek safety in refugee camps. They lost their jobs, their homes, their schools, their churches, and their loved ones.

Franciscans in Syria are helping to rebuild the homes, hospitals, schools, and churches, but – more importantly – they’re working to rebuild the lives and hearts of the country’s Christian inhabitants. The friars host a summer camp in Aleppo, bringing joy and color back into the lives of children whose lives have been blackened by war. They provide schools and a safe, loving environment for children desperately in need of stability. They offer after-school counseling for those psychologically damaged by the atrocities of the last several years.

Pope Francis has asked God to sustain the efforts of those actively engaged in helping the people of Syria, and God can – and will – use the good will and generosity of people like you to provide that support.

Please prayerfully consider donating to this important mission.

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