Toppling or upholding governments: Patriarch Fouad Twal to Arab Christian Media Conference

Patriarch Fouad Twal spoke at the Arab Christian Media Conference and one thing he quoted was the the Apostolic Exhortation on Christians of the East called,  “A Communion and Witness”.  There we read,

“The Christians of the Middle East have the duty and right to participate fully in national life, working to build up their country. They should enjoy full citizenship and not be treated as second-class citizens or believers. As in the past when, as pioneers of the Arab Renaissance, they took full part in the cultural, economic and scientific life of the different cultures of the region, so too in our own day they wish to share with Muslims their experiences and to make their specific contribution.”(No. 25)

Beginning his speech, the Patriarch grabbed attention by recognizing the power of the media.  He said, “The Media is capable of toppling or upholding governments as it is also capable of starting wars and ending others. It is capable of brightening or tarnishing the image of public figures.”  And indeed we have seen that happen many times before.

Also in his talk, he quoted words from Pope Francis to the media in the first meeting he had with them as Pope.  “Pope Francis said in his first meeting with media professional: ‘you media professionals are the witnesses of the beauty, the truth and the goodness.’”  We hope that holds true as we seek to safeguard the presence of Christian Palestinians in the Holy Land.

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