Unannounced Israeli military exercises in Palestinian towns create fear

Well, here’s one for the record.  It seems that running unannounced, full-gear, military exercises in occupied territory is justifiable for the Israeli Defense Forces as they practiced maneuvers including mock arrests, raids on private homes and incursions into villages.  

According to our partners at Terrasanta.net the IDF defended their actions in this way.  

Israel’s military advocate general (part of the IDF) said in a letter to Yesh Din, a human rights group, that the military commander is “obligated to maintain security and public order” in the West Bank, and that to maintain the competence of IDF forces in fulfilling its mission, “the IDF must train, sometimes even in populated areas.”

Though  International humanitarian law does allow for requisition of private property for the needs of the army of occupation and prohibits the destruction of private property unless absolutely necessary for military operations, “human rights lawyers say requisition or destruction of property for a planned military training exercise cannot be considered a necessity,” according to Terrasanta.

You can imagine how terrifying it might be if the Mexican or Canadian Defense Forces burst into your home during dinner, announced, and practiced arresting you and your family.  It puts things in perspective and helps us realized that not all is fair in love and war.