The Holy Land is still a hostile environment lacking in peace.

Update on the Dire Situation of Christians in the Holy Land

In May 2018, Pope Francis called for a peaceful dialogue in the Middle East. The United States establishing an embassy in Jerusalem caused the area to experience an increase in violent acts. The Holy Father said, “I am worried and distressed by the escalation of tensions in the Holy Land and in the Middle East, and by the spiral of violence that is increasingly moving away from the path of peace, dialogue and negotiations.” Pope Francis was referring to multiple events including deadly protests on the Israel and Gaza border. These protests sparked gunfire from Israeli troops and caused 58 deaths and about 2,700 injuries – including those of children.

Now, almost a year later, the Holy Land is still a hostile environment lacking in peace. The political and religious differences in the Middle East combined with the military challenges make life hard, especially for Christians. At the end March 2019, protesters returned to the border for what was planned a peaceful demonstration; however, as tensions rose the protest became violent and homemade bombs killed three people. This all followed an attack on Tel Aviv by a rocket fired from Gaza that struck a house and injured several.

While this conflict is devastating to all who live in the area, Christians in the Holy Land have an especially difficult time enduring the consequences because of their faith. Our brothers and sisters are the living stones of Christianity and warrant our prayers and support. They do not deserve to be prosecuted for their beliefs and singled out because of their willingness to live through His Word. This continued discrimination is what causes Christian families to flee the birthplace of Christ in search of a better life.

Since Israel was founded in 1950, Bethlehem has gone from being an 80 percent Christian population to just 12 percent in 2018. It is FFHL’s mission to preserve Christianity in the area and provide a voice for Christians in the Holy Land worldwide. You can contribute to our goals my donating to one of our various programs that help give Holy Land Christians the skills and opportunities they need to live successful lives.During this past Palm Sunday, Pope Francis addressed the public saying, “I once again appeal to the young people and to all to pray for peace in the world, but especially for peace in the Holy Land and the Middle East.” Be apart of changing the dialogue in the Middle East to a peaceful agenda by donating to FFHL. We use the funds to broaden the minds of the Holy Land and give Christians the tools they need through our various programs.