We can’t look like unhappy babies and whine like five year-olds

CNS ran a story the other day on Pope Francis’ words to Christians. What did he say? He said Christians shouldn’t be sourpusses. Using the phrase that translates into “the face of a pickled pepper” he effectively imaged for us what we should not radiate to the world.

That’s not an easy message to live out when you’re a Christian in the Holy Land- but it’s necessary nonetheless. To whine and complain is to not witness to faith, hope and love. To work for peace and justice, equality and natural rights must be done with joy and trust in God’s Providence.

Blogging from a country in which Christians are not struggling, other than from the problems we create for ourselves essentially, it’s hard to imagine how difficult it is to live as a Palestinian Christian. Thus the need to go there and see for oneself how hard it truly is.

Interesting, then, that in the same homily CNS comments that “Pope Francis said joy is a ‘pilgrim virtue,’ one that moves Christians to journey out into the world preaching the Gospel and proclaiming Christ.” Pilgrims we are and pilgrims we should be. Pilgrims of joy because as we’re reminded in this Easter season, no matter where we are we have the Light Who is Christ.

As we work for our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land, let us do so with authentic joy from a hope that does not disappoint.


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