The Challenge

Safeguarding The Christian Presence in The Holy Land

Today, the Christians living in the Holy Land are the minority. Due to severe political and economic hardships, hundreds of Christian families leave the Holy Land each year. This steady Christian exodus from the land where Christianity began suggests that within the next 50 years, the Christian community will cease to exist unless something is done. As the Christian population struggles to survive in a volatile political environment of ethnic distrust, the FFHL uses every available resource to give Christians a reason to remain in their home; thus accomplishing our mission of safeguarding the Christian presence in the Holy Land.

About Us

Principal Purpose And Mission

The Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land is dedicated to supporting and preserving the Christian community and heritage in the Holy Land. Our mission is to provide essential resources and opportunities to families, empowering them to thrive in their ancestral homeland. Through our unwavering commitment to preserving holy Christian sites and supporting basic human rights, we aim to be a vital resource for the community. Our donor-based humanitarian programs and independent projects are designed to help Christian families not just survive, but flourish.



One of the ways FFHL shares hope with young Christians is through the gift of musical scholarships at the Magnificat Institute. The Institute affords aspiring youth a chance to express their God-given musical gifts.

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Preserving the Remnant of the Family of Christ

The focus of FFHL is to preserve the Christian presence in the Holy Land by providing key necessities to everyday life. FFHL works to strengthen Christianity in the Holy Land through the preservation of holy Christian sites and the support of the basic human rights. Our goal is to preserve the presence of the Christian minority living in the Holy Land.

A Path to Education

Investing in education for deserving young Christian scholars in the Holy Land ultimately leads to economic advancement and stability as more Christians can afford to remain in the Holy Land.

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Housing Placement

We partner with Christian construction companies to develop and maintain housing for the Christian minority population, and offers subsidized housing for families in the Holy Land territories.

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Humanitarian Aid

As a faithful donor, your sacrificial gifts are impacting lives and bringing hope to Christians who are suffering and lacking the vital essentials to live and thrive in the Holy Land.

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Legacy Planning

Support to our mission through meaningful estate planning allows us to change lives. As a member of our Good Shepherd Society, you will live on through the organization.

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