Children Without Borders

Children without Borders seeks to ensure the mental, moral and physical empowerment of children living in the different cities of the Holy Land.


Principal Purpose and Mission

The mission of Children without Borders is to cultivate and invest everything that is creative, constructive, and industrious; to empower and enhance children’s vision of peace, coexistence, and gender equality; and to expose children to new experiences in their own lives, and those of other children living in other parts of the world.

Peace, Liberty, and Cooperation For A Brighter Future

Children Without Borders uses the practice and training of soccer to bridge the gap between youth of diverse backgrounds. To do this, the program uses a framework that emphasizes what we call our “Six C’s” Critical thinking, Creativity, Cooperation, Co-existence, Commitment and Courage. Given the political, economic, and social circumstances of the Holy Land, children are frequently the most marginalized. Children without borders seeks to equip youth from both sides with a wider vision, firm will, and steadfast faith so that they will become men and women dedicated to peace and dialogue. A new program was launched for young girls entitled “the Folkloric Dance Dabkeh” group, which has positioned itself on the national level. The Football Team and other activities all reflect its sacred mission for children, thanks to the sponsorship of the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land who is funding and supporting the program. Jerusalem has more than 300 participants in both the Old City and Beit Hanina. Bethlehem has over 120 participants with 3 coaches, 3 assistant coaches and other volunteers. In spite of war, siege, deprivation, and persecution, CWB offers peace, liberty, and cooperation to children through the fun and fellowship of sport. Children Without Borders provides a safe and educational environment for children after school. It also provides the opportunity for these children to discover the talent given to them by God.


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