Housing Renovation and Restoration Program

Building safe and livable housing solutions for Holy Land Christians.


Principal Purpose and Mission

There are many houses in Bethlehem and in the surrounding areas that are in dire need of repair. The Emergency Job Creation Program was established by FFHL’s Franciscan Family Center to accomplish two purposes. One is to provide employment for local Palestinian Christians and the other is to upgrade houses so that the inhabitants can reside in improved living conditions.

Determination For A Better Tomorrow

FFHL works with the Project Director, Sr. Maria to determine the most desperate situations for funding. She is responsible for visiting the local families where she assesses the various needs and assistance in each circumstance, and designates families in need of housing repairs that are unable to afford the work. “It is both a painful and enjoyable experience.
it’s just like climbing a high peak,
step by step,
accompanied with hardships,
frustration, encouragement and trust
and with so many kind people to help.” Says Sr. Maria Grech.

Sr. Maria goes on to say, “Life in this part of the world is far from normal, hard to predict and almost impossible to plan ahead. It is determination that leads us to keep working for a better tomorrow and a better future for our Christian families. We owe them this.” It will only be through the continued support of the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land that these goals will be accomplished.


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