Education Is The Key To The Future

At the beginning of the 20th century, Christians accounted for a quarter of the population in the Holy Land, today they account for under 2%. The Christian exodus from the Holy Land can be attributed in large part to a lack of formal education. Without this access, Christians encounter difficulties in securing meaningful employment, which ultimately leads to a lifetime of financial struggles. Solving this gap in education begins with ensuring younger generations have access to education. These Christian children represent the future hope of permanence in the Holy Land, beginning with early access to education, then a higher degree, and ultimately a lifetime of stable income.

The Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land exists to provide critical, life-sustaining opportunities to Christians in the Holy Land. One of the pillars of the Foundation’s mission is to support access to education for young people. Investing in education for deserving young Christian scholars in the Holy Land, ultimately leads to economic advancement and stability as more Christians can afford to remain in the Holy Land.

By supporting these education programs with your generous gift, you can make a lifelong impact on generations to come.

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