Christian Social Services Support

FFHL frequently assists the Franciscan Custody, upon request, through the funding of social services programs for Christian families living in the Holy Land. Below are some of the recent programs we have participated in.


Principal Purpose and Mission

Serving the Holy Land community through social services in Bethlehem and Nazareth, FFHL supports the Franciscan Social Services Organization (FSSO) who was established to care for those individuals and families in the Bethlehem area in need of financial, medical, or social environment support. The FSSO does its utmost to reach all impoverished families and individuals through home visits and cares for cases recommended by the parish priest.

Family Crisis Support

FFHL assists FFSO by funding medicine for those who are unable to pay. There are four areas of support which FFHL funding may be allocated to:

More recently, through the Pandemic, FFHL focused their resources on helping to deliver supplies to those who were not able to leave their homes due to the quarantine and shelter-in-place restrictions around COVID-19. Through the assistance of the Boy Scouts, volunteers placed boxes of food on the doorsteps of the sick and elderly.


Additional assistance was provided for families who have lost their jobs during the pandemic.


FFHL was called to help subsidized the Pandemic support, along with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Christian Family Center in Bethlehem and Nazareth

FFHL has dedicated its support to the Bethlehem Family Center for many years. Due to the good work being provided there, FFHL was asked by the Franciscan Custody, and the parish in Nazareth, to establish a community center for Christian families living in the city.

Both Centers have since become a valuable vehicle in helping Christian families by providing critical support within the family structure.


The Franciscan Family Center (FFC) was originally established in Bethlehem to provides professional counseling to those Christian families who have suffered psychological trauma. It also provides sponsored educational programs for children and adults. The Center collaborates with the Franciscan Parish in Bethlehem to promote services and assistance for Christian families. FFC also creates programs for employment for the community as well as working with the marginalized Christian families to assist in house renovations.


The Centers promote the development of strong families and seeks to restore the dignity of the family unit, both spiritually and in their basic needs. This is achieved through education, faith sharing and growing the sense of community through programs offered by the Centers.


Religious education is a priority for Catholic families. The Center seeks to help defer costs and provide enriching faith formation opportunities. There are over ~ 80 boys and girls, at any given time, from low-income families receiving a free grammar and elementary education. Lack of funding should never deprive Catholic families of meaningful faith formation for their children.


Seasonally, it hosts Christian families and pilgrims from around the world to live a unique experience in the town where the first Christian family lived. Christmas is an example of a joyful time of the year for the Center’s families.


The aim is to fix the family defects because the family is the basic cell in society. The goal is to make life more meaningful for all. “We Christians,” stated Kameel Spanioly, Program Director, “must rebuild our spirits and our souls from within both mentally and spiritually.”


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