Music Education Program at the Magnificat Music Institute

The Magnificat Institute in the Holy City of Jerusalem promotes the study of music and celebrates the cultural heritage of various local communities in the Holy Land through music.


Principal Purpose and Mission

The Institute was founded in 1995 by musician and composer Father Armando Pierucci and is now run by the Custody of the Holy Land. Within its walls is a laboratory for peace and sharing, bringing together teachers and students who are Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Muslims and Christians. All are united through a shared love and study of music to foster the creation of a new Jerusalem of peace. This is why the Custody of the Holy Land considers the Magnificat a crucial part of its mission.

With limited financial resources, many of the Institute’s students are unable to pay tuition. To help support this valuable program, the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land provides funding to talented, young Christians attending the Magnificat Institute. This program is vital to continuing to preserve the Christian presence in the Holy Land.

Benefits of the Magnificat Institute

You can make a difference

The main objectives of the Magnificat Institute are to foster a closer connection through the love of music that leads to a peaceful coexistence among those of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds in the Holy Land. Your donations help.


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