University Scholarships


Since 1997 the FFHL has given full, 4-year university scholarships to over 573 students who were economically marginalized but had strong academic talent. With specific guidelines to protect your investment, the scholarship program pays for 4 years of college tuition and books. Through your generosity, FFHL is holding the doors of educational opportunity open for the Christian community in the Holy Land.

“…With a degree in hand, they will be able to secure employment and become a productive member, not only of society, but of their Christian community.”

-Fr. Pizzaballa, Chairman of FFHL and Custos of the Holy Land

THE goal

This program provides academic scholarships to talented but underprivileged Christian students with high initiative and a desire to remain in the Holy Land, thus giving them the necessary skills for successful employment and stability needed to thrive.


More and more Opportunities will be available for our young people in the future if they can graduate from a university.

The Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land has been able to provide excellent opportunities for Christian young people in the Holy Land through the generosity of people like you.

But there are still many more students who need your help!

If you are interested in supporting this program, please contact 
 Denise Marie Scalzo, OFS,
Vice-President of the FFHL, at [email protected].

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