Vocational and Technical Education Program

For students who prefer not to go to advance to college but instead to learn a trade or skill, the FFHL made the decision to expand the University Scholarship Program. Vocational scholarships for Holy Land Christians who want to become electricians, carpenters, auto-mechanics, plumbers, telecommunications experts, or even chefs. make a reality from what used to be a dream.


Principal Purpose and Mission

The FFHL, in its quest to help stem the Christian exodus, is enrolling students in two-year vocational & technical schools such as the Notre Dame School of Cooking in Jerusalem. For students who wish to learn a trade or skill, FFHL includes vocational and technical education for Holy Land Christians who desire to learn a specialized field. Students study at two-year vocational and technical schools such as the Notre Dame School of Cooking and the Lutheran World Federation Vocational Training Center in Jerusalem.

Hope and a Future Can Be Found in Vocational Training

A new program was launched for young girls entitled “the Folkloric Dance Dabkeh” group, which has positioned itself on the national level. The Football Team and other activities all reflect its sacred mission for children, thanks to the sponsorship of the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land who is funding and supporting the program.

When a student attends a vocational school they do not just learn the classroom or industry material. They also learn how to work with other cultural and religious groups. The vocational programs are open to only Christians since we are attempting to provide motivation and incentive for them to stay; but in the mean time, we are building bonds together.  



Many of the students that receive funding would not otherwise be able to attend the type of schooling on their own. “We believe that the support from America and other countries is very important. The need is increasing – but the effect and impact is also very obvious. We can see that with nearly 90% of our graduates working.”, Vasko says.



It is the mission of the FFHL to protect and provide for Christians living in the Holy Land. Empowering young people in vocational programs does not just provide them with an education and a skill-set. It also gives them the interaction and a better connection to their community and a heightened level of understanding for their fellow brothers and sisters living in the Holy Land.


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