Richard C. Stanzel is a 62-year-old entrepreneur, commercial real estate developer, and leader in Catholic non-profits.


Married for 33 years, he is a hands-on father of a son with various disabilities and an extra chromosome.


A native of Dallas, Texas, he is the regional hospitaller and national board member of the Order of Malta-Federal Association and will receive the International Order of Malta’s Pro-Merito Meletensi Award in October.  Through Malta, he is involved with prison ministry, feeding the homeless and hungry every Saturday, and taking communion to hospitalized patients, in addition to overseeing the other local Malta ministries.


He and his wife put together a 40-person pilgrimage for FFHL, which led to another pilgrimage with generous donors from the Catholic Foundation. Additionally, they have routinely raised funds through tickets sales to the FFHL dinner in Dallas, most recently 25 $1,000.00 seats for the upcoming FFHL dinner in Dallas.


He is also on the national board of the Holy Family Hospital foundation and a former board member of the Catholic Pro-life Committee.

Board Member Headshot - Richard Stanzel