Raymond Arroyo recently interviewed Father Peter Vasko, OFM president of FFHL on the EWTN television program The World Over. Their discussion focused on the plight of Holy Land Christians and FFHL’s mission to ensure Christianity remains strong in the area.

Fr. Peter currently resides in Jerusalem, which has been his home for the last 3 decades. He has also served as FFHL president for the past 25 years. With Christians fleeing the Holy Land each year due to struggles faced because of their religion, FFHL dedicates time and resources to helping Christian families survive and thrive there. The biggest impact Fr. Peter has seen is through education. FFHL has awarded a total of 573 college scholarships to Christian students in the Holy Land over the past several years. By allowing young Christians to receive a higher education, they can find dependable jobs, provide for themselves and settle down and start families in the Holy Land. FFHL also offers vocational scholarships for two-year programs, which have been awarded to 276 individuals.

Arroyo and Fr. Peter also discuss the safety of traveling in the Holy Land, the restoration of Holy Sites and the pending tax laws that could hurt Christians even more. Watch the full interview above.

EWTN is a Global Catholic Network, producing television and radio programs. FFHL board member Raymond Arroyo hosts The World Over, which airs Thursdays at 8pm, Fridays at 1am and 9pm and Mondays at 10pm ET.

To learn more about how you can help Christians pursue education in the Holy Land.