Unlocking the Door of Opportunity for Holy Land Youth

The Christian exodus from the Holy Land can be attributed in large part to a lack of formal education. Without an education, Christians encounter difficulties in securing meaningful employment, which ultimately leads to a lifetime of financial struggles. Solving this gap in
education begins with ensuring younger generations have access to education. These Christian children represent the future hope of permanence in the Holy Land, beginning with early access to education, then a higher degree, and ultimately a lifetime of stable income.

Most Holy Land families are unable to afford a Christ-centered primary education. Considering the investment in school tuition, books and uniforms, the cost for the full seven years of this education exceeds $3,500.

FFHL exists to provide critical, life-sustaining opportunities to Christians in the Holy Land. One of the pillars of the Foundation’s mission is to support access to education for young people.

Investing in education for deserving young Christian scholars in the Holy Land, ultimately leads to economic advancement and stability as more Christians can afford to remain in the Holy Land.

“I am thankful to my sponsors. As a result of the education that I received from my scholarship, not only will I improve my own life, but also the life of my children and future generations.” -Carine Koussa, former scholarship recipient

Supporting these education programs makes a lifelong impact on generations to come.


The Child Sponsorship program encourages individuals to assist with the cost of school tuition, books and uniforms. Many parents struggle financially and must reserve their small incomes for basic necessities. These schools provide religious instruction, instill Christian values and encourage social justice. All children receive equal assistance through child sponsorship funds.

Since 1997, FFHL has given full, four-year university scholarships to hundreds of students who were economically marginalized but had strong academic talent. Educational scholarships provide necessary skills for successful employment and afford students the opportunity to remain in the Holy Land. The scholarship program pays for four years of college tuition and books.

The Magnificat Institute in the Holy City of Jerusalem promotes musical knowledge with focused attention to the cultural heritage of various local communities in the Holy Land. The Magnificat Institute aims to create opportunities, both choral and instrumental, to break down the cultural, religious and linguistic barriers and promote peaceful and friendly relationships in the Holy Land between children of different backgrounds.

For students who wish to learn a trade or skill, FFHL now includes vocational scholarships for Holy Land Christians who desire to learn a specialized field. Students study at two-year vocational and technical schools such as the Notre Dame School of Cooking in Jerusalem. In addition to earning an accredited diploma in their trade, FFHL gives each student a tool kit tailored to their field of interest so they may immediately secure work in their communities.