Every June on Father’s Day, we celebrate and recognize fathers across the country. Christian men have a weighted responsibility to be strong fathers, husbands, parish leaders, good stewards in the community and to remain humble followers of Christ. There are five inspiring lessons we can learn from Saint Joseph, the patron saint of fathers. If Christian men strive to emulate St. Joseph each day, they will become much closer to being the men God has called them to be.

1. Obedient
Saint Joseph lived in obedience to God’s will. He listened and obeyed when the angel of the Lord spoke to him in a dream about the virgin birth and instructed him to take Mary as his wife. He obeyed the Lord when he moved his family out of Bethlehem to Egypt to escape King Herod’s plan to kill infant boys. Later, he obeyed the angel’s instruction to return to Israel and plant his family roots with Mary and Jesus. Joseph is a great reflection of how men of God should remain mindful of not letting pride or self-control get in the way of their obedience to God.

2. Noble
Saint Joseph was noble and selfless. Although we don’t have much knowledge about Joseph, we do know he was humble in the way he served Mary and Jesus. He also acted out of selfless love and devotion toward his family. He is a role model for fathers to not let distractions and temptations take precedence over their Godly calling.

3. Faithful Leader
Saint Joseph led by example. His words are not recorded in Scripture, but it is clear by his actions he was a kind, loving and faithful man. Many believe that our words are the primary influence of others; however, actions speak much louder than words. People will usually not remember what you say, but they will most always remember how you made them feel. Every decision and recorded action made by Saint Joseph sets a high standard for other men to follow.

4. Hard Worker
Saint Joseph was a hard worker. He served his community through his trade skills. He taught Jesus the value of hard work. As patron saint of workers, Saint Joseph demonstrates the value of our day-to-day work and how we exist to glorify God, support our families and contribute to society.

5. Determined
Saint Joseph was determined. After being turned away from the Bethlehem Inn, he focused on finding Mary a place to deliver baby Jesus. In his determination and obedience to the Lord, he led her to a stable to give birth. After Jesus was born, he safely brought his family to Egypt. He worked long, hard hours in his workshop to make sure the family had food to eat and a place to live. He taught Jesus his trade and how to live and work as a man.

As we reflect on these five lessons from St. Joseph, remember that God gave men a unique and special role. His role in the family is to mirror Jesus Christ Himself.

St. Joseph, patron saint of fathers, please pray for us!